Motivation: How to Hustle Yourself!
Motivation: How to Hustle Yourself!
You’re an entrepreneur. At least, that’s what you tell people since you’ve managed to start a business and get it off the ground. But it was really difficult, sometimes so much so that you feel you have used up everything you have and now you’re simply sitting at your desk hoping your business runs itself. You are simply overwhelmed and don’t know how to recover.The Art of closing the deal

We all know this kind of attitude will never work - for you or your business. But how do you stay motivated when the feeling is just not there?

Follow these 12 tips to keep yourself motivated:

1. Surround yourself with aspirational quotes by entrepreneurs who have been your inspiration.

2. Find a mentor. You don’t have to be alone with your angst and it’s important that you have someone with whom you can share ideas and find support during your difficult stages.

3. If you’re feeling intimidated by your competition, use the comparison to push yourself to make your business better.

4. Make realistic goals. If your goals are too vague, the results will be, too, and this will only decrease your motivation. Set realistic, specific goals that you can really check off and follow your progress.

5. Start your day with intent: set a target for the day and focus on it - this will help you stay positive.

6. If your motivation declines as your boredom and loneliness increases, aim to keep yourself as busy as possible by filling your daily to-do list with achievable tasks. Also find someone with whom you can spend time with during the day, coworking, chatting, or simply sharing space with.

7. Formulate your own mission statement - something that defines why you have started your business and what you wish to achieve - and put it in a place where you will see it every day. Sometimes all you need is a reminder of what your aims are.

8. Set time aside for yourself. Your business is your r

esponsibility but so is your personal health and growth. Meditate, keep yourself healthy, and spend time with those you love. You will find your focus return.

9. Set reminders for important tasks throughout the day. You may find it difficult to form a routine while running a business, but reminding yourself to do tasks and completing them will help you feel constructive and productive.

10. Reward yourself for reaching goals or making an achievement. We are wired to respond to rewards and incentives, so give yourself a treat when you’ve done well, but only if you have.

11. Rediscover your inspiration! Watch a film that made you happy or a couple of TED Talks that make you feel positive. Download inspirational podcasts and play them while you’re driving in the car, running the treadmill, or walking somewhere.

12. Sleep. There is no uncompleted task that is worth losing sleep over. A good night’s rest will go miles in changing your daily outlook, and, combined with exercise, your new feeling of wellbeing will keep you motivated.